Information about accepted payment methods
The purchase price for the delivered goods is possible, according to the buyer's choice, to pay:

Cash or credit card

upon acceptance of the goods from the transport service (delivery to GOOD)

Pre-account transfer based on proforma invoice

Fio Bank CZK - 2401369852/2010

proforma invoice issued by seller to buyer upon request of buyer in order *

Proforma invoice will be issued by the Seller to the Buyer for payment of the requested advance before ordering the goods

* WARNING: non-payment of the advance invoice at maturity is considered a failure to comply with the terms of the purchase contract and the seller is entitled to cancel the purchase contract from the beginning.

On invoice with due date
Fio Bank CZK - 2401369852/2010

state institutions and organizations can be provided with the maturity of issued tax documents for payment of the purchase price after concluding the framework contract.

The Seller does not charge any fees depending on the method of payment.

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