Price and delivery method
We offer personal collection or sending by Czech Post.

Personal collection can be done at Penčice 161/20, Přerov, by telephone. Furthermore, the goods can be picked up at Bird markets, which take place in Přerov and Kroměříž.

Delivery method: Price incl.
Czech Post
mail package - prepay 79 CZK
mail package - COD 119 CZK
hand pack - prepay 79 CZK
hand pack - COD 119 CZK
Personal collection
Penčice free
In case of shipment weight over 30kg we reserve the right to adjust the price of the freight, according to the current price list of the Czech Post.

Method of payment
»Cash on delivery: You pay the money when you take over the goods at the post office.

»By Bank Transfer: Once you submit your order, you will receive an e-mail confirmation and a call for payment of the order containing the amount, account number and variable symbol under which you are to pay.

»Cash in person: Please wait for the email notification that the goods are ready for you.

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